Invitation: Be a part of Black British history

Dear friends, followers & fellow bloggers,

Would you like to be a part of Black British history?

Some of you may have heard or seen the preview of my new documentary, (IN)visible Women which is a groundbreaking 7-part documentary series and feature you must see.

Come with me on a quest to highlight one of the most controversial issues at the heart of many western cultures: Is there a lack of women of colour in visible areas of society – like the media, politics and others?

You may believe there isn’t a problem. Or that there was, but it no longer exists. (In)visible Women takes you on an eye-opening journey, revealing the shocking truths about the challenges many women still face, even today, in their pursuit of achievement, and their quest to be an inspiration to others.

(In)visible Women features female pioneers within the media and music industries, in business, and our communities. Also former and current members of some of the UK’s most notorious gangs. And of course, many celebrity faces too. But what did it take for them to get where they are today? And more importantly, at what price?

Our little 5 minute preview from our production company – Princess King Media – with Anthony David King, is already being talked about on blogs, social media, press, tv stations – and even BBC World News has been in touch!

However, we need your help.

In order for us to complete this awesome and long overdue project we are currently sourcing sponsorship and raising cash via crowd-funding….
And this is where we need your support.

So we are inviting YOU to be a part of Black British history. And to help us achieve our goal in bringing women of colour to the forefront.

Go to our Kickstarter page to watch the preview and see how you can donate – even the smallest contribution could make a huge difference.

Not only will you be supporting this very worthy cause, you will also be REWARDED for your kindness! Rewards include official (IN)visible Women merchandise, original artwork, a chance of a Producer credit, and even tickets to our Celebrity VIP premiere screening at the world renowned British Museum in London.

Please don’t read and keep this exciting news to yourself! Help to circulate and share share, share with your network; friends, family and acquaintances – via Twitter, Facebook and forwarding this blog post.

With the amazing interest already received worldwide, this is clearly a project people want to see, and we hope you do too.

Want to know what all the fuss is about?


Thanks in advance for your awesomeness!

Watch (IN)visible Women. Discover the truth.

Love & Light,

Leah x

“It’s Time To Be Seen” 2014
Invisible Women
Watch the preview:


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